All lights yellow, no fan, won´t shut down

Hi, my Drobo S isn´t working anymore.
I´ve 5 disks installed, 4 showed green, 1 showed yellow as they were getting full.

When I started the Drobo today, it wasn´t found anymore.
Now the power light is yellow, all drives are yellow and all 10 blue lights are on. The fan ist standing still and I can´t power the unit down, the switch seems to have no function.

So i unplugged the power cord, the usb cord and removed all drives. The behaviour is the same: As soon as I connect the power, the unit starts (without me pressing the start button) and I get all drives steady yellow (thought they are empty) and 10 blue lights.

Any ideas or tips besides buying another unit and hoping that the disc pack works?

THANKS, Hendrik

You could try a pin-hole reset, without the drives of course, to see if that clears anything. The chart below shows compatible units for migrating your diskpack if nothing else is successful.


just for data safety reasons (before I do the reset):

If I have no discs installed, reset tht drobo s and put the pack back in after the reset - will the discs be erased, too, even if they were not installed during the reset? Or is the disc pack “safe”?

Another follow up question:
I can buy a used drobo FS on ebay. But will my disc pack be readable? The drobo website doesn´t mention migrating a pack from drobo S to drobo FS…

Thank You, Hendrik

BTW: the unit is running now for more than 24h without discs, status is the same, only solid yellow lights and 10 blue lights, no fan

Your data “should” be safe. As long as the disks are removed, the reset should only affect the firmware. There is no guarantee, but very few options when Drobo simply stops working. Always make sure the Drobo is OFF before removing or inserting your diskpack though.

A Drobo FS is a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device, and your Drobo is a Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) device. Because the formatting will be different, it’s not possible to read your diskpack from the FS. This is why there’s no mention of a migration between the two.

Hope this helps.