All Lights On, Except One

I wanted to update two smaller drives with two larger. I started with the smallest drive (2TB) and replaced it with a (4TB) when it was safe to do so.

I let the Drobo 5D build (flashing green and yellow) for over 24 hours - until I checked on the unit and the power light was yellow (no other lights on). I allowed that to remain like that for a couple of hours before assuming the rebuild was done.

Powered the unit down, then back up, and everything was green.

At this point, I backed up some data to it from my Mac, all still green, Drobo Dashboard confirming good health and new space, and when done, powered down the unit in Drobo Dashboard.

This is when something changed…

I powered 5D back on (now not connected to Mac) so that I could replace the other smaller drive. But on startup, the unit began to rebuild (again yellow and green flashing lights)…HOWEVER…only 4 of the 5 bays were doing so. The newly replaced drive is not lit up.

Never had a chance to replace the second drive yet. The Drobo is still rebuilding.

Any help would be a great help!

Thank you!

UPDATE: Everything came back on green.

Checked in Dashboard and everything said Good health and showing new larger drive.

However, I tired to install the last new drive (3TB to 4TB) and everything began flashing green/yellow. Then the unit shut down within 5 minutes.

hi patrick,
if the unit is shut down, could you try rebooting it and having a look to see f yoru power supply is ok as in this knowledgebase article?

also, when it powered off, can you remember if the power light went red at all? if so, it may have been that it got too hot from the rebuild work or possible lack of ventilation if the drobo was close to a wall or something?

also what happens when you boot it up again?