All lights blink green and red after replacing hard

One of our 500gb drives failed in our Drobo so I replaced it with a 1tb drive. It wasn’t as easy as that, though. When I first replaced the hdd, Drobo did not recognize that I had put one in. I put drobo in standby, started it back up, put the drive in and it worked that time. That’s neither here nor there though.

So, the dashboard said that Drobo was doing data protection. During this time, all of Drobo’s bay lights were blinking green and red. Well, the office was closing so I left it to do its thing. I came back this morning and the Drobo I was working on was no longer in the dashboard, but all the lights were still blinking green and red. I’m hesitant to put it in standby or restart it because I’m worried about the data.

I can’t find what those blinking lights mean in the docs, and I’m not sure how to approach this problem without risking data loss. Can anyone offer any advice?

How many drives did you originally have in the drobo and what were their sizes?

There are 4 drives in the Drobo. I can’t remember what the exact configuration of that particular Drobo was except that I know it had at least 2 500gb HDDs and its total capacity was less than 2tb because it was only configured for 1 volume. It was a 500gb that failed, which I replaced with a 1tb, during which another volume was created.

I hope that helps.

Have you rebooted your computer?

I rebooted the computer this morning and it had no effect. I figured I was at a standstill so I put the Drobo in standby, power cycled it and turned it back on. I plugged it back into the machine and the machine and the machine read it like it normally would, and I could access the drive like normal. No data loss, but the lights were all still flashing.

When I checked the Drobo dashboard, it said data protection was in progress like it did before. However, I learned this morning that my boss (who’s machine the Drobo is hooked up to) had to log in to his machine yesterday morning. This is indicative of a power outage since his computer doesn’t go to the login screen automatically, which happens more often than it should.

Anyway, hopefully this time I will be able to watch it since I started the data protection in the morning and I will be here all day. If something strange happens or it otherwise fails, I will post back. Thanks for the help.

If the 500GB disk which failed and that you replaced was almost full, relayout will take around 48h. So you have to be patient anyway…