all HDD lights are read

this happened right after it was done “protecting my data” after i replaced a drive.

i rebooted it. didn’t change anything
I shut it down. didn’t change anything

contacted drobo support, “out of warranty. not our problem” is essentially what they told me.

hopefully someone out there encountered this problem and was able to fix it.

Try a slot flush? individually on all drives that are last inserted in your Drobo unit.

And note which drive that cause the unit not to boot up okay.

Then consider cloning this drive(s).

And reinsert it back along with the other drives in the disk pack.

File system corruption, if occurred afterwards, could be corrected using Disk Utility/Disk Warrior on Mac and CHKDSK on Windows.

thank you for your reply.

I think i found the faulty 4 month old drive but i will definitely to the slot flush to make sure.

thank you again for being a million times more helpful than actual drobo support