All green but one drive shows warning


I have a Drobo 5N.

The system is showing all green but on checking one drive it is showing a warning. There are no other details apparent.

Is there anyway of finding out anymore information on this?

hi pilotdave, i think “healed” is where a softer type of error was encountered with that drive, and that it was able to recover from it, and “warning” is that these errors seem to be occurring more often (which could be a sign of a drive that could get worse or fail) but is still ok for the moment.

if you are still in support, it might be worth raising a ticket with the support team who could take a look at your diagnostics logs for more info, though plase do not generate a logfile just yet, in case it needs to be carried out at a particular step.

(in case out of support i beleive you can still raise a pay-per-incident, if you would wish, for example as mentioned below)

I am not in support I am afraid. Thanks for the response. I might just bite the bullet and get myself a WD Red…

ah ok dave, if you get a new drive please let us know how it goes.

(btw you may know this already though when you swap the drive, dashboard and drobo should recognise the removal, and when you put the new one in, it may trigger a rebuilding process with flashing yellow and green bay lights, shortly after assimilating the drive, which can take about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on your drobo, though in some cases a new drive has needed some time to elapse before regognising and rebuilding)

By a coincidence, I have today bought myself a WD Red to replace the WD Green in one of the bays in my Drobo 5D. When I launced Drobo Dashboard, I found the WD Green was showing a ‘Warning’ message just as pilotdave found.

It would be helpful if Drobo Dashboard gave more information about this - it’s really not much use just to say ‘Warning’.


I just replaced a WD Red 5TB with a WD RED 10TB 5400RPM in Bay 2 on my 5N about a week ago. All shows green, but this new drive is showing a warning in the “Health” section of Drobo dashboard. Could this actually be a bad drive even though it’s brand new? If so, I can still return it for a replacement.

That can happen - I would contact the seller of the drive, or WD for a replacement.