All files corrupted, all lights green, unplugging fixed, problem?

Had a panic last night, I fired up my Drobo to discover over 5TB of images were all corrupted and unable to load. The problem was across all files. Folders were all displaying properly however. Unmounting and remounting didn’t help. Problem carried over when a different computer was used to check the Drobo.

Unplugging and relaunching the Drobo a few times ended up solving the problem, it’s seems to be normal again. Although, when booted up for the first time, the computer can see and access the Drobo for a good 10min before all 4 lights turn green. They are off for the first 10 min or so.

Is this indicative of a larger problem? Is this a problem with the enclosure? Do I potentially have a drive failing? Or was this just a fluke?

Any advice would be appreciated.

If upon boot the Drobo drive bay lights do not turn Green for at least 10 minutes, and the power light is flashing green - this may indicate Drobo is having trouble loading the pack. Depending on whether you are on a Mac or PC you can run chdkdsk or Disk Utility on Drobo. I would also recommend you contact support and submit a diag for review along with the symptoms you are experiencing.

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