All drives popped


To any of you reading this, thank you, I hope you can help but I don’t think that you will, I think I already know the answer.

For a while, I was using a single Drobo FS for quite some time and so bought a second one to use as the backup to my main Drobo FS. But never quite set it up properly.

My main Drobo FS got quite a knock and every single drive popped out, I can’t remember what lights came on etc, but my immediate reaction was to push all of the drives back in again.

It complained that too many drives had been inserted for recovery.

Have I ruined my whole array, have I lost all of my data?

I’ve just left it for years now thinking I knew the answer, it’s the family videos and photos I’m bothered about. Same old story I know.

Apologies for starting a new thread if this has already been answered, I’ve read some but haven’t come across my answer.

Thank you for reading or answering.


Hi Martin,

You may have already messed up your array, unfortunately. The way to insert your drives without triggering a data rebuild is to power off the Drobo unit, insert all the drives, and THEN turn it on. It should get recognized as a disk pack. You can try that now, but you may have already overwritten some key parts of the drive in your first attempt.

If you did damage your disk pack, you would have to look at recovery options. Some folks on this forum have offered some options in the past, but I don’t know them myself. Perhaps someone else can give you some recommendations for recovery.

Good luck!