All Drives Mounting in Finder

Top 2 bays have 1TB drives each and 100GB space left till full.
I added 2-4TB drives to remaining empty bays. Data protection completed. But dashboard asked me to initialize the new drives. So I let it initialize them. Now all drives are mounting in the Finder! What did I do? I think I screwed up my set-up. I need an “explainer”.


hi, can you remember if one of your top 2 bays, was a solid green light, and one was a solid yellow light, back when you only had 2 drives inside it?

can i also check if all of the drive bays in your drobo (4 or 5) are all solid green now?

if i understood you correctly, it sounds like the drobo recognised the new drives, and increased space, and wanted to format new volumes to be able to make use of the space, and that your mac finder now sees each volume as a drive/icon?

can you still access your drobo data by one of those drives or icons in finder?