All drives green. Drobo OS Corrupted.

I wonder if someone has some insight to this.

I was rebooting my Drobo 5N. It is in an environment with a UPS which protects everything in there. Yes when I turned it off. It seemed to almost instantly shut down rather than go through a shut down process.

Following this, it came back up as normal. All drives going green. But I couldn’t see it anyway on the network as if it isnt announcing its presence. It is on a static IP and the router it is connected to does detect that it is still there. I just cant access it.

Drobo dashboard detects it. Initially it says there is a critical problem but I check each drive and all is green. A bit of reading through the forums suggests that the Drobo5N linux install has got corrupted.

So I have been through the repair process (Nothing). I am also just trying the manual firmware update.

It may or may not be ok at the end of this. Fortunately, I have found the thing to be very inconsistent so I never really trusted it and it is backed up a lot so no serious harm done. But if it has done this odd power off thing before, is that a sign its basically had it and going to keep doing this until I actually throw it out. I had it a while now but I think its probably still just inside warranty.

Is there some battery or something inside it which I need to change. Its on my UPS but I remember there is some sort of internal battery in the drobo meant to prevent just this sort of issue. Is this a sign its failing and can it be changed?

If it’s still just within its warranty period contact Drobo support immediately or you may lose the opportunity to get support. While you’re waiting for a response, do you have an mSATA accelerator card fitted? You might like to try removing it and see if things improve.

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. No mSATA installed.

Think I am well within the warranty as it turns out. I have registered for an RMA just in case. This thing is not coming back.

I am in Europe, I think the standard European Warranty is 2 years?
Got it off Amazon UK.

hi, for the drobo directly-attached units that i have, they have fared pretty well in terms of a power outage, and they do have a battery on board to help with such things…

but i was just wondering in general about ups devices…
as far as i understand it, there are 2 main aspects:

a) a ups would simply keep power flowing to its attached devices, until the power runs out (or a user takes action to more sefely shut things down etc.
b) a ups would need to communicate with devices that are ups-aware, and which can carry out computer safe logouts/shutdowns and power off devices. (for when theres no user around to do it, before the power abruptly stops)

i do not know much about ups devices, but while at least some drobo models are power aware, do you know if the actual model you have and if your actual computer, are aware of your ups and its safer shutdown procedures?

Yes, the standard European warranty is two years. I got my 5N from Amazon UK too. While it’s tempting to try to fix it yourself your best bet by far is to get Drobo to deal with it inside the warranty period.

It seems to be a problem with my Drobo. There is no power outage and the room has other more obvious devices which alert me if they fail. During the testing program it seems that sometimes. When you power off the drobo it will just instantly off rather than properly shutting down. It seems intermittent but generally, it appears to have had it. Asking for an RMA.

If the Repair option in Drobo Dashboard > Tools was an option for you to click on this would indicate file system corruption. There should Not have been ‘data’ corruption though. I was unclear, did the repair process complete ?
This really should not happen with the Drobo 5N due to the battery back up. You can also try manually mounting:
One other thing you can try is re-flashing the firmware without drives installed.

  • Properly shutdown the Drobo
  • Eject the drives
  • reflash the firmware
  • Properly shutdown the Drobo
  • insert the drives and power on

Hi thanks for the response. I think support have escalated the issue. I got a decent linux guy from tech support at one of the companies I work with and he said that there was no way to do anything with it because the OS seems to be ignoring any attempt to answer or locked up in some way. He said, RMA it if there is no way to reinstall linux from scratch. There isn’t, that I know of so I did that.

I have been through a lot of options with support and we are going nowhere for the same reason, it is ignoring all incoming attempts to connect.

Just praying I didn’t loose the photos and videos on there.

I did try repair, nothing happened. Then followed instructions to manually update the firmware. After that, it wont detect or allow any connections at all.

interestingly, it doesn’t instantly shut down most of the time. In fact, In fact, although I noticed it a couple of times over recent weeks, during all the diagnostic stopping and starting it only happened again once that I noticed.

It is with Drobo support to come up with a solution or RMA it at the moment so this thread is pretty much closed.

hi, ok see how things go with your next steps, but i was just wondering…

have you tried powering all off, and removing all drives, and then just trying to boot up empty (while still attached to computer)?
(or you might need to remove conection cable, then boot up drobo, then boot up computer, then attach cable)
or boot up computer first, attached to drobo, then to boot up drobo.