All drives blinking red

I have a Drobo 4 Bay Gen 1 unit that all of a sudden went to all 4 bays blinking red at once. This was quite odd but in any case I was able to copy some of the files (not many) to another drive. Not enough for my pleasure but…

In any case, I replaced one of the drives with a new one and dashboard told me that I took too many out. OK, fine, I replaced the drive with the original and now all drives are solid red.


hi kman, when the drive bays 1st started all blinking red, were your volume(s) still accessible and it is at this point you were still able to copy some data?

if you can access anything currently in terms of data, please start copying it somewhere as a backup, but if you can not access anything and still have the original 4 drives inside, then you might be able to try putting your drobo into a readonly mode, for exampe as mentioned here:

(does this help stabilise things a bit, at least to be able to let you access some data again for copying off?)

Thank you for your reply. Yes, when they first began blinking red I was able to still access and copy data. I should have copied more but thought that if I put a new drive in place, I could gain a green light. I cannot currently access anything but will try the read only mode as described and go from there. I will try this over the weekend and get back.
Thanks again

I just wanted to give an update. Currently, the Drobo is running after following your suggestions but all drives are still blinking now green and red. I am trying to copy as much of the data over to other storage before total failure. Still wondering in the back of my head why or even if it is possible that all the drives are bad. I still have 1.58TB available on the drive but this just seems odd. I appreciate your help with this and will let you know if something still comes up. Once I get the data I need off, I plan on having the drives checked. I do have some replacements as well.
Again, thank you

ah thanks for the update bill, am glad you can access the data again,
ok sure, it would be nice to know what the drive checks show.

(if you have access to a tool called spinrite, and if your drives are small enough to be able to be used by it, separately 1 at a time, that could show a lot of low level info about the drive… i think it only supports drives up to 1TB or between 1TB and 2TB but am not 100% sure… i think some other users mentioned some more facts on the forums so may be worth a check with the spinrite team or a quick search if thats the case)