all drive lights flashing green/yellow

I am very new and dont know if this will go anywhwere or how to get an answer if someone replies.

Yesterday I noticed that I had 4 green/yellow and one red flashing on my front panel. I shut it down and restarted and a message said something (dont remember for sure) but some thing about 3 hours remaining to complete a task it was doing automatically. After the several hours passed it went back to all green and I checked health of individual bays and was told all healthy. No further indications that anything was wrong. Is this normal or a notice of impending problems?

There might be some issues with the drive that was flashing red previously.

I would recommend replacing it after you had confirmed your usage is at a comfortable range, say below 70%.

That sounds weird. When it all “turned green” was the previously red-blinking drive green, too? Do you remember what you were doing right before the blinking started?