All bays flashing red at 15 second intervals

One night my 2nd gen Drobo had 4 green lights, all healthy, with sufficient space. The next morning my started flickering all lights red in a bad way. I had seen this before, and replacing the power brick fixed it, so I bought another similar power brick on eBay.

This time, upon plugging in the new power adapter and booting the drobo, it keeps all 4 bay lights on solid red for 15 seconds, then all four lights off for 15 seconds, and repeat. Also the blue capacity lights flash on for a second or so before switching from solid red to off.

Power cycling the drobo has no effect. 4 drives are resident in the bays.

I guess the drobo has lived a long life and I should have been prepared to retire it. I just wish there were better diagnostics here. Is the problem still the power brick? Or some other hardware failure? Anyone seen this before, or want to offer last ditch troubleshooting ideas?

hi can i check what is the power light and psu light showing or doing?
if you can have a quick look here there is some more info about psus and voltage info in case handy.

one test you could do, could be to power all off and to unplug all cables
and to remove all your drives (remembering the order of your diskpack for later)

Please Note: diskpack drives should only be removed, or inserted, in their entirety with power all OFF and cables unplugged.

and then trying to power up the empty drobo after connecting it to the computer directly,
if dashboard is able to find your drobo here, then it looks like your main unit (and psu) is ok
(at this point, you could also try powering down and up again using the 1st psu as a test too)

after the above testing, to then power all off and remove all cables
and then with power still all off and unplugged, to put your diskpack drives back into where they were before,
and then to power up as normal again (but without the connection cable)

how does your drobo boot up now?
(if it seems to boot up normally, it might go into standby mode since it is not plugged in, but if it seems to hang on the blue led progression from 1 light through to 10, then please do allow lots of time here)

then you could try powering up the computer with dashboard,
and then if you try connecting the drobo directly to the computer again, does it wake up shoftly after, and then become recognised by dashboard, and the computer?