Airport Extreme Base Station and Drobo

I have an Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS) current generation with the latest firmware. I have a Drobo (latest firmware) and three drives connected to the USB port.

I have formatted the Drobo drives using HFS+ in single partition and marked the partition as GUID.

I have then used TimeTamer to create a sparsebundle. The readme file shows success and I can see the file when I mount the drive in Finder. Thus I can connect to Drobo over WiFi using the AEBS. I can copy a file to the share and confirm it’s ok.

I then enter Time Machine and select the drive as the Time Machine destination and start the Time Machine backup. Which fails.

The Console Log shows the following error message :

08/11/2010 22:17:50 com.apple.backupd[11783] Backup failed with error: 19

The goal is to perform Time Machine backups over wireless to the AEBS.

Can anyone give any pointers as to where I’m going wrong.


By default, Mac clients won’t use network drives for TM backups. The lone exception is the Time Capsule product.

There is a simple way to enable it, however.


Works like a charm.

That doesn’t work. Time Machine can ‘see’ the drive, it doesn’t perform the backup though. Time Machine attempts to copy to the drive but fails to do so.

Thanks for your reply, but it’s not helpful. Time Machine can see and connect to the drive, but the backup files because Time Machine cannot mount the drive.

I did try the terminal command, but it made no diference.

So, you deleted the sparsebundle you created with TimeTamer and recreated it using the procedure in the link?

That’s the procedure I have used to create multiple remote TM backups with no problem.