After swapping OS's the Drobo wants to be re-initialized

Our video editor has a Drobos formatted as HSF+ that he keeps in his office. We have DroboElite at the our data center that stores most of our files including backups of his Drobo. This past weekend I took the DroboS to the our data center, attached it via USB to a Widows 2003 server (using MacDrive), and made a backup of his entire Drobo. The DroboS was ejected and shutdown via the Dashboard on the 2003 server. Now when attached to any OSX machine I am asked to initialize the drive. The Disk Util does see the drive as well as the Dashboard, but it does not come up in Finder. Any suggestions on what I can do without losing his data?

Is it visible in disk utility?

I would recommend running repair disk on it.

I do see it in Disk Util but all options are greyed out.

I did try to run Disk Warrior but it does not let me rebuild the drive.

I think that somehow the filesystem became corrupt. Is there a way to rebuild it? In the Dashboard I can see that all the data is still there.

Please open a support case.