after reboot mac can't find drobo

The drobo showed in my dashboard and was mounted on my imac. I rebooted the imac and now the dashboard can’t find it and it’s not mounted.

The drobo is still on and it’s been working on data protection all day. Just don’t know why a reboot of the mac would lose it?

If it’s rebuilding, the Dashboard connection is low priority, so it may take significantly longer than normal to connect.

If you don’t need to use Drobo, I would just eject it so the rebuild is not slowed down by other access.

That rebuild finished but it mounted in read only mode. I ran diskwarrior but it kicked back lots of errors but at least I could write to it again. I copied over just a few video files and shortly after the drobo said a drive was ejected(it wasn’t) and has been in another rebuild ever since. Currently set to take 147 hours to complete. Probably because I am trying to copy data off the drobo to other drives so I can just reset the whole thing.

I’ve had nothing but problems with this thing since I got it. Weird, random, seemingly unrelated things. I have been in contact with drobo support on this.

I’ve transferred all data off the drobo and deleted everything on the drobo. So why is it still running it’s data protection cycle? It says it has 116 hours to go.

  1. It can take a while for the data cleanup to “catch up” - essentially deleted files are not immediately deleted.
  2. This is especially true if Drobo is busy doing something else, like data protection.

So you may have created a near-race condition.

If you truly don’t need anything left on the Drobo, I’d just do a Reset from Drobo Dashboard or a pin reset from the hardware.

if you still have problems after the reset, it might be good to verify that the drives are ok as well, just in case a drive is having problems

I found the issue was an intermittent failure of a drive. The drive would power up and spin and would work sometimes. The drobo would sometimes boot all the way up, sometimes not. And could hang at different parts in the boot process. If it was working I was getting some corruption issues.

I’ve removed that drive and everything is fine now. I just had to spend more money to order another drive.

ah ok,
yes its not so great to have to spend extra money, but great that you found the culprit and fixed the problem :)[hr]
(just dont search the forum for the word, culprit, as you’ll probably find hundreds mentioned by bhiga and me :smiley: