After motherboard problems

hi, after changing mainbord at my domain server where i had the volume names of my drobo (i mean like hard disks), i can’ t no longer see them. When i start my drobo dashboard i can see my volume names but i can’ t mount, when i try a cycle starts without ending. Please help because i have users who are having their backup, and i can’ t just like this arase everything and start again from zero.

What operating system are you using? What interface are you using to connect to the Drobo? Have you tried to connect it to another computer or done any other tests?

hi , let me tell you first that my drobo was working normaly until the server’s mainboard failed i changed it and it keeps working without any problem (server) except with my drobo. I have lost my volumes, its a windows 2003 server st edition, i am using iSCSI, i didn’ connect it to an other computer but i connected to this server with a usb interface, once again i saw my disk volumes but i could’ t check them so that they become mounted. Do you think that an image could help the situation?

You cannot mount volumes on the Elite when connected via USB.

Do you currently have both USB and ISCSI connected?

If yes, Please shutdown your Elite - Drobo Dashboard - Advanced Controls - Tools - Shutdown, Disconnect USB, and then boot up your unit.

Can you see the volumes in the Targets Tab of the ISCSI Initiator?

thank you for aprompt reply, you are asking me if i can see the volumes in the Targets Tab of the ISCSI Initiator.
Yes i can see them they are three (administrative, technical and medical) 4TB each and they are writen in Greek, but the check boxes (Mount) are not checked. When i check one of them it starts a cycle without ending and of corse it doesn’ t mount.
how can i upload a screenshot?[hr]
forgot to explan that i use only iSCSI…i connected the USB only to test for any other solution…
I opened a support case…but none has replied… as you may have understood i work in a hospital end i am afraid of losing any data…

Can you mount the volumes using the ISCSI Initiator?

What is the status for each of your Targets?

may be some images help as

  1. here you can see the volumes but they are not active, also the used space is empty (not mounted)…
  2. here you should see the three volumes that we saw in the dashboard like the local disks, i believe they will appear when they will be mouted…like i sayed they are in greek…
  3. i checked the first volume to get mounted and i got the CHAP password message i wrote it and finaly
  4. it started to search (cycle) but with no result…it remains there…without getting mounted…

May ask you an additional question? If the network card of my server is onboard, is there any chance the MAC address (which is new) to be not recognized from the Drobo and so the volumes remains unmounted?

The MAC address should not be a problem. You will want to continue working with support.