After migrating to Drobo 3rd Gen, it continually reboots

My well used Drobo Gen 1 had a hard drive failure and I just bought a new Drobo 3rd Gen (14 Feb). After putting in all drives (including a new drive, a replacement for previously failed disk), I booted the drobo up.The Drobo goes through the bootup process to the point of all lights turning green and then flashing yellow/green; the computer mounts it, the dashboard finds it… it tells me it goes through the data protection process and about 30 seconds later the Drobo reboots (technically it “turns off” for about 30 seconds and then goes through the reboot process).

I have followed the steps (including ensuring the powe supply is plugged directly into the wall)

Help would be much appreciated!


Your issue seems similar to the one from this thread.

Try identifying the problematic drive from the slot flush procedure, then attempt to clone it.
Reseat the clone drive(s) with the original ones in the unit and boot it up. Then check whether the rebuilding completes this time round.

Thanks for your post and reply. Unfortunately a “slot flush” didn’t help the situation. Individually the drives boot up fine. Collectively, the system doesn’t. Any other ideas? Thanks! -AK