after drobo fs reboot, the rtorrent failed...

Hi All,

I am using richardo distro droboapps
I am not sure how it happened, I did a shutdown on Drobo FS last night.

And when I startup the drobo again, I noticed that rtorrent is not working properly. the RUTorrent (web apps) report that ‘Bad links to rtorrent, make sure rtorrent is runnig on the correct cgi port’

I checked from htop, and rtorrent is running via Screen…

Any clues I can check on what causing this problem?

My suggestion to you is to restart the apps, starting with rtorrent. A simple way to do this is to restart the FS again.

very strange, I restart the Drobo, but it doesn’t work.
I end up service stop and start; the rtorrent just resume in a second :smiley: