AEBS/USB-Hub Drobo Reboots?

I have my Drobo (2nd Gen, Firmware 1.7.3) hooked up to my Airport Extreme Base Station through a D-Link DUB-H7 High Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Hub. I would like to share my Drobo and Printer on my network because I recently got a MacBook Air (OSX 10.6.6).

When I transfer mild/heavy data to my Drobo either Wirelessly/Wired, my Drobo will hard reboot and than become active again. I recently disconnected the USB hub and directly connected the Drobo to the AEBS instead … Eureka, no reboots.

The main question I have here is what USB powered hub have the Drobo community found works best to share a Drobo on? I have been reading reviews on powered USB hubs and found some units that might solve this issue, but I would like to find out if any other Drobo owners have a similar setup as I and solved the reboot issues?

I understand that Drobo Knowledge Base does not recommend using a USB hub, but I sort of would like to use one so I can have my printer and Drobo shared via my AEBS.

Please let me know if any other information is needed. Thanks.

hi, how many usb ports do you have available on your computer?

i dont have a mac, but maybe if theres problems, you could try borrowing a 2nd hub (of the same type) and to use 1 device per hub to see if it works?

I have a MacBook Air (2 USB ports) and a Airport Extreme Base Station Router (1 USB Port). I DON’T want the USB hub connected to my MBA, instead to the AEBS. I am planning to buy another Hub to test out, but the point of my thread is to find out if anyone has had a similar rebooting situation with this setup and could suggest what type/brand of USB hub to purchase.

ok no problem, im sure one of the guys here will reply back with info for you (some are in the states so might take a day or so)