Advice most welcome! PLEASE!

I need a little advice please.

I have a 5N with 3 x4 Tb WD Red drives. 5 years old. I just tried to update the firmware for this machine. I believe that somehow, I think it has corrupted the whole machine as all lights on drive bays and are solid yellow, with the PSU green light as well. Nothing else. These lights stay on whether there are drives in any bay or not.

My question is: Should I buy a new housing Drobo 5N2 and see if the current drives are ok?
or is there a better solution.
I am just not getting any support from Drobo Support and am reluctant to purchase another drobo should I not be able to recover the data.

That might be your best step at this point. Hope you can recover!

Thanks. I am a bit reluctant to spend the money on a “maybe fix” or go to something completely different like Synology or QNAP. and see if I can still recover there. Do you have an opinion on these?

I don’t know much about Synology or QNAP, as I’ve never used them. I do know the Drobo disks can only be read by another Drobo. Unless you have a backup of the data somewhere else, the only way to tell if your information is intact is by placing the diskpack (all the drives together) into another Drobo…either 5N or a 5N2. Make sure the unit is OFF before inserting drives though!


Hope this helps.

Fantastic, really appreciate the info. Thank you.

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