Advantages to using FUPPES?

I’ve got an Windows 7 / Drobo FS setup in my living room, and thus far I’ve been able to stream most media to my television relatively OK without FUPPES, simply adding network paths in XBMC (e.g. Z:\Movies).

I’m wondering though, what are the advantages to using FUPPES? I’ve searched around but can’t really find any information. Does it make the streaming more reliable? Is it meant to be a central database to share with multiple media center instances? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

FUPPES seems[*] to be a pain in the butt and seems[*] to need constant manual updating of it’s DB file which takes a while to compile/rebuild.

You only really require FUPPES if you wish for a Xbox360 or similar UPNP/DLNA device (Samsung TV… perhaps) to see your media.

If you’re using Boxee/XBMC then no, you don’t require FUPPES.

[*]I’m currently letting FUPPES compile a large audio based DB file as I write this, having given up trying to get it to work with an Xbox360 way back in April when I first bought the DroboFS. Plus, you’ve also got to mess about with CONFIG files.
You’re standard NAS (Iomega Home Media Drive… perhaps) will do a better job of UPNP/DLNA out of the box and it’s way more simple to set up should you wish to go the UPNP/DLNA route.

I have to, as I’m serving to multiple rooms and devices and UPNP/DLNA allows for this.
i.e. once it’s set up, all the devices will see it with no need to individually connect each device.

For one device, stick with ‘Z:\Movies’