Admin Login Required - Logged in as Admin

Suddenly, I can’t access the admin features in Drobo Dashboard. I can log in as Admin, but it apparently doesn’t recognize that I’m actually logged in as Admin. The Serial Number field says, “Admin login required,” but it clearly also says that I’m logged in as Admin. It’s almost as though the Admin account is still valid as an account, but doesn’t have admin rights. Drobo 5n. Latest Dashboard (3.6.1). On top of this, I can’t log in via SSH at all.

Drobo NAS

Logged into the Drobo Dashboard
Some of the options like Tools, Drobo Settings are grayed out

The Username is case sensitive. Example, if the Username is ‘Drobo’ and you logged in as ‘drobo’, this will log you in but not give you admin privilege’s.
Log out and then Log back in using correct case sensitive characters.

Awesome! That was the issue. Thanks!