Adding Storage to Drobo Firewire

Help, I orig had (1) 2TB drive and (3) 1TB drives. Since I have my entire media library stored there I am in the process of upgrading the 1TB drives to 2TB drives. But I have a question. I expected it would take a long while and it has because of the 2.3 TB of data on Drobo. I inserted the first 2TB drive on Friday afternoon and it is now Wed morning (and we are not touching the data in the meantime in hopes of speeding things up). I’m want to be sure things go well and my question is …can I restart my computer while the Drobo is doing its thing with my data or does the computer need to stay on as well as the Drobo. Will the Drobo just continue it’s process if I shutdown??

I am more than willing to wait for the Drobo to do its thing over the next few weeks as I have 2 more drives to upgrade… but would like to do some other things (that require restart) with my computer.

Love my Drobo (s) but this is the first significant upgrade and am a little concerned after reading some of the stories here. (Yes, have 2 drobos and have totally backed up one to the other, just in case).

drobo will carry on regardless.

usually when you turn your computer off - drobo will go into standby.

while rebuilding - drobo will carry on rebuilding, only once it has finished rebuilding will it put itself into standby

Thanks and thank Leon too!!!