adding second drobo

I have 1 drobo (2nd gen) connected to droboshare working fine

now I want to add a second drobo (2nd gen) but connect it only to a pc via
firewire 800

so I connected the new unit via usb so I could configure it and the drobo dash board couldnt find it and only showed the existing droboshare unit.

so… how can i configure the new unit ( i have four 2tb drives inside)?
do I shut the droboshare unit down – then configure the new one – then
restart the droboshare one?

the end result Im going for is to have the existing droboshare as it is
and have the second drobo controlled by a pc by FW800 and shared by windows not the droboshare

Just connect the new Drobo to your PC via FW800. Drobo Dashboard should recognize it as a new tab on the Drobo Dashboard app.

If you are on Windows and connecting via FW, please use the Unibrain Driver for FW devices.