Adding new drive

About a week ago AdobeCC updated and I realized my hard drive was getting a bit full so I deleted some old or unused programs. I gained about 50G. On Saturday my backup to my Drobo (2T - 1T each in two bays) said it could not copy because there was not enough room. It specifically noted the the Adobe CC programs as too big. I ordered a 2T drive and inserted it.

The Drobo recognizes the drive but I could not find any instructions for anything I would have to do. I vaguely remember having to do something when I got the Drobo and inserted the first drives. Not sure if I have to do something similar this time.

I ask because even with the added 2T - I get the same message about being unable to backup all files (am doing just user files right now). I use Super Duper which has worked great. The only thing is that I don’t have a way of specifying that it can copy everything except Adobe CC. It seems to be an all or nothing deal. I would like to be able to copy the programs just as a timesaver down the road. In the event of a catastrophe re-downloading everything from scratch would be a major pain.

Also, it seems strange that an extra 2T is not enough space for Adobe CC? It seems to fit just fine on my computer drive which is not even a 1T.