Adding New Drive Doesn't Work

I have a 2nd Gen Drobo (w/ Firewire). It has 3 drives (1.5TB, 1.5TB, 640GB). I added a 2TB drive (3 months old - previously only drive in a Mac Pro). Put it into the fourth bay and after a few minutes of nothing happening, the light then turns red. I have the lastest firmware and Drobo Dash. Anyone have any ideas what might be happening?

Please advise. Thanks.

I would guess that the 2TB drive that you put in has been marked “bad” by the Drobo. This happens, a HD that works perfectly fine in a USB caddy or in your PC will and passes normal diagnostics, can be rejected by the DROBO. You can try pulling the drive out and re-inserting, in case there was some bad mating somehow. I would try it, but not hopeful. You would also want to verify that your 2TB HD is currently working, outside the DROBO.

I took the drive out and connected it to my Mac via a USB dock. The Mac was able to format it and I was able to copy stuff to it. I ran Disk Utility and it said the drive was fine. I plugged it back into the Drobo and it keeps giving me an error. This is really annoying. I have no doubt the drive is fine as I had Snow Leopard on it and upgraded to Lion without any issues. Not to mention its only a few months old.

Just put in an old 500GB drive and I’m still having an issue. It shows the slot is empty. Think the Drobo is bad. Guess I’ll have to call support.