adding drives w/o dashboard

i have given up with dashboard on my win 7 pc. I’m surprised Drobo doesnt step up and fix this quickly and properly. Arent they a cutting edge tech company? Can I add hds without it?

What?!?! Dashboard works perfectly for me on all the betas and RTM of x86 and x64 win 7! Fix what exactly???

Maybe if you told us why you were having problems?

And yes, change disks, add disks, you only need dashboard to change volume settings

sure why not?
In fact it is the preferable way to unplug the Drobo completely (also from the power) put in the new disc and then reconnect the drobo to the power (and an UPS if you have!)
Depending on the amount of data you have on the Drobo it will take it’s time.

If you want to help us you could post your results in this topic

well this did not work

installing a previous version isnt really a fix anyway IMO.

No help here.

And dont want to pay $49 for drobocare to resolve buggy software

hence this post

I guess you quoted my posting by accident.

unless im missing something - you still haven’t told us what the problem is - which makes it incredibly difficult to troubleshoot…

if you are referring to your second link - what steps have you taken to identify windows 7 as the culprit? you said you simultaneously upgraded to a new version of dashboard - why blame windows 7 when it could be that?

i’ve tested my v2 on windows 7 x86 and x64, and my pro with usb/fw/iSCSI on windows x86 and with usb and iscsi on x64 and it all works fine

are you using the latest usb drivers? are you even connecting via usb? what firmware is drobo running? which drobo do you even have?!?! how about you actually tell us SOMETHING - then we can maybe try and help you - or are you happy just to whine pointlessly and expect us to pity you?