adding drives and new volume creation

This may be covered somewhere else, but I cannot find it. I have a Drobo 2. It have 4 1TB drives. I added 2 2TB drives, and it is about to finish the addition of the second 2TB drive. This is with Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit.) When I had the 4 1TB drives I had 2 volumes. How do I use all the available space with the total of 6TB? Shold the Drobo automatically ask me about creating additional volumes, or should it automatically expand the present volumes? Do I need to change the file system on the drives?

It all depends on what you initially formatted the volume as. If you used thin provisioning and formatted the drive larger than the actual capacity, Drobo will just expand your usable capacity.

If you add more actual capacity than your formatted capacity, then Drobo will create another volume of the same capacity of the initial format.

I formatted my Drobo using thin provisioning as “new” NTFS at 16 TB, and currently I have 3x 2TB drives in it.

I think I figured it out. What it did was expand the size of the two volumes that had been there. The total available space is correct going by the calculator on the Data Robotics web site.