adding drivers


i have the basic drobo 4 bays - slots 1 & 2 are full (one disc is ghost of the other) so now i want to had 2 more discs in empty slots 3 & 4 for a new backup:

—> WILL DROBO FORMAT ALL 4 DISCS when i plug in the new ones ???
—> MUST I UNPLUG the old ones before putting in the new ones ???
—> WILL DROBO RECOGNISE my old backup or only new pair of discs ???

To answer your questions:

  1. No. Ensure that Drobo boots up fine with 2 drives inserted, then go ahead to insert the other 2 spare drives in the remaining slot.
  2. No need. Unless your intention is to have 2 separate disk packs (2 sets of hard drives).
  3. Yes, your data will still exist, if you done what I had suggested in point 1).

thank you so much, Kelvin…

so my drobo will grow from 2Tb to 4Tb space but not recognize another pair of drivers or ask me to name that one, separately (or format it) - it will only add size, to the first pair (original + ghost)…

indeed, i was keen on having a separate pack of 2 x 2Tb, as you mentioned in your 2º reply… is that possible to configure ??? as long as i dont have to buy another drobo box, any solution is fine by me… its all a matter of organizing and naming folders ;D