Adding capacity to Drobo S

I had 5 2T drives and added a new 4T. Drobo updated data protection for 31 hours and I then had 5 green light.

Then I removed the next 2T drive and put in a new 4T drive. Then I got red lights and a message to replace the drive I had removed.

So I replaced the old 2T and now I’m getting flashing green & yellow and a data protection of 19 hours.

What happened? Why didn’t it accept the new drive? I have a Drobo S at another location and added two 6T drives with no problem.

A related question is should I upgrade to a Drobo 5D?

hi, its good that your 1st 2tb-to-4tb upgrade was successful :slight_smile:

ideally all the rest will be too but can i check how long you waited after the 5 green lights, and if the 2nd 4tb drive was of the same model as the 1st?

it may be a case where the 2nd 4tb drive came loose, which prompted the message (but when you put in the 2tb, it saw it as a fresh drive and started rebuilding again).

usually a rebuild will take about 1 day per 1tb of data that you have and will probably also need about 31 hours to complete. (if ive done the sums correctly, based on this it seems as though you only have up to about 1.5tb of data?)

best thing is to let the drives rebuild completely, and to let things settle a bit, and to do a full reboot of computer and drobo to make sure all boots fine again following the rebuild.

btw can you remember if your drobo-s is using Single (sdr) or Dual (ddr) drive redundancy?