Adding an mSATA to the 5N, does it have to be done right when you set it up?

Hi all,

I’m about to take delivery of a brand new Drobo 5N (on the fedex truck as we speak, should be delivered here tomorrow). Unfortunately I can’t afford the mSATA at this time. However I remember reading somewhere that you really need to add the mSATA right as you’re setting up the Drobo, that you can’t add it after the fact to an already running Drobo (unfortunately I can’t find where I read this now). Is this true or false? If false, is there any drawback to adding an mSATA later on (does it lower performance, etc.?)

Also is there any any recommendations as to size of mSATA to get? What is the smallest size of mSATA that I can add that would make it “worth it”? Is a 128 GB unit going to offer any significant performance benefit, or should I hold out till I can afford a 256 GB or bigger? (or is a bigger mSATA not worth the extra cost?)

as far as i know - you can add it anytime,

Drobo have said that 64GB seems to be the optimumsize in terms of speed

however some forum people commented that the 128gb model would last long as the usage would be spread over a larger write area.

hi, as the doctor said :slight_smile:

also check this out before you install it:

I added mine after-the-fact with no issues at all.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Good to know that I can add the SSD after the fact. I should be able to pony up for a 120GB SSD in a few weeks when I next get paid. Meanwhile right now I can at least start the long and painful process of copying all of my data over to the 5N. :\

I also added my SSD after the fact and its a good thing, since all the first major data being copied over does not ware the SSD only your general use in the future. I have a 256GB mSATA and its been one year next month and it is down to 91% GOOD with all the copies and use that i put my 5D thru if it was a 64GB it would probably be below 60% GOOD with all the ware. The larger SSD does spread the ware better.