".. added enough capacity to create a new volume.."

Just happened. SO here is my question:

I woke up my computer from “Sleep”, and the following error code was on the screen:

[You have added enough capacity to create a new volume. In order to initialize this new volume, you will need to reboot your Drobo.]

OK, so what does that mean? The Drobo was working fine before I put the system to sleep. I had done the many times before, and the system does after 30 minutes.

Concerned, I left the error message, and did a [Restart]. The system closed, but hung for 30+ minutes saying it was shutting down. I had to press the reset. After the reboot, and a on the C:\ drive the Drobo is read normally. What gives?

We need to resolve these issues. The message SHOULD HAVE along with the verbiage, an error code in the window’s frame. This could then be easily referenced in a grouping of error codes with potential cause & remedies.

System: ASUS P5E, Q9550, 8 gig memory, Windows 7 64 bit - not overclocked.
Drobo: v2 connected via Firewire 800

Any hint would be appreciated.

-= Chris =-

You have added enough capacity which exceeds your original format size. You are being prompted to format a NEW volume.

What size are you formatted to?
How many drives do you have and their sizes?

Did you add or replace a drive in your Drobo?

I don’t know what error message you’re referring to here…

Careful with the shutdown - depending on your system and how the Drobo is formatted, it can take up to 20 minutes to shut down. This delay happens on startup for some, on shutdown for others.

Details needed:

Firmware version
Dashboard version
Drives installed (number and size)
Number/size of existing volumes on drobo

Without ANY of those it’s practically impossible to even begin to guess

Pull your log file off it now and send it in to support and they will tell you what drobo did[hr]
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well - they cant complain about customer service on here! one new post and all three of us pounce on it…

Hehehe For an unofficial means of obtaining support, there’s quite a bit to be obtained!

Unsure if this is the same Drobo from the other thread, but if so:[quote]It’s stated that its version 1.7.2 [1.7.29352], I did not mention this, but the firmware on the Drobo 2 is 1.3.6.

Firmware version 1.3.6
Dashboard version 1.7.2
Drives installed (number and size) 4x 1tb
Number/size of existing volumes on drobo - one volume of Dashboard selected 8tb

There was no change to the HD’s on the Drobo… The error only came up upon ‘wake’ of the OS.

I was concerned about acknowledging the error code, as I had no info as to what the next option might be. For all I knew, this could have caused a reformat or some other unforeseen action.

BTW, FWIW, after creating a volume on a Drobo v2, adding files, and then deciding to format the drive, when [OK], the Drobo formats… no confirm, no typing of a verification string to validate the action. Poof, data gone. Reminds me of the earlier Dashboards, for which I’m still trying to recover data!

FWIW - I have two Drobo v2, and one Drobo FS. Formerly I had a Drobo v2 on the Droboshare, and this is when I lost the data due to wanted to format a Firewired Drobo, but instead, the Droboshare/Drobo got formated in one click… no validation, no are you sure, just poof, gone.

So, back to the subject. What does that message mean - when NOTHING has changed - and what would have happened, or may have happened if I responded to the reques. There was only one option to select. No [Cancel] button.

-= Chris =-

Yes please open as support case.

bigha -

I did not add or remove, any drive. Furthermore the Drobo is isolated on it’s own platform with the power cord secured to the platform, as the connector is no better than that found on $5 pocket radios. It’s a single contact power connector with a SINGLE spring loaded contact to the outside.

Furthermore, the hole from the Drobo’s housing is off center - READ NOT CENTERED - so that the power plug does not go fully in, but hang loose due to the ~1/8 thinkness of the shell. I had to shave the plastic of the plug, so that it goes fully in. I sent pictures of the issue to Drobo. No RMA or exchange ever made.

I do see that the FS connector is of a higher quality. Not matches the connectors on ASUS $400-1,500 computers.

I did in the past have intermitent power loss due to this ‘feature’. Not this time.

Thanak you for all your help & forthcoming ‘clues’.

-= Chris =-

FWIW, dashboard makes you go through 5 screens before it formats.

  1. Are you sure?
  2. Format type?
  3. Size?
  4. Name?
  5. Format

I just did this and I can confirm what Jennifer said (not that I doubted it, just needed to reformat).

In fact, after clicking Format… button the first prompt says

[quote]Drobo has detected data on your drives. ALL data and volumes (such as E: Media Drobo) will be lost if you continue the format.

Are you sure you wish to proceed?[/quote]
The italic part would show your drive letters and Drobo name - mine was a single drive E: and my Drobo is named Media Drobo.