Add volume missing from Dashboard

The option to add or delete volumes in dashboard is gone. I am running OS X 11.2.1, Dashboard 3.5.2. I have a Drobo, Drobo 5D and a Drobo 5D3 connected to my MacMini. I removed and reinstalled Dashboard with no change. I’ve shut down all Drobos and MacMini, brought up the Drobos and brought up the Mac mini with no change. The only option from the Volumes menu is Rename Volume. What happened to add and remove volumes??

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Same, Dashboard 3.6.1 on OSX 13.1 for Drobo 5D and 5Dt.

Somehow I have a 3rd (unformatted) volume, from when I created the Time Machine space … and if I leave it that way, it’s almost as good as deleting it. No macOS utilities will ask me to format it; only Drobo Dashboard asks me once-per-app-launch “would you like to format it now?”

I think Disk Utility can see it as a “physical disk” with no partitions. There’s no way to delete that as such. It’s “disk7” with no “7s1” or “7s2” etc.