Add Swap

This package will enable swap on the DroboShare which effectively gives you more system memory. Installing this package will allow you to run more DroboApps on your DroboShare. The package attempts to do it in two ways:

  1. If it finds a USB thumb drive it will use it as a swap drive (WARNING: All data on your thumb drive WILL be lost.)
  2. If there isn’t a thumb drive then it will create a 512MB swap file within the package folder on your Drobo

You can tell if your USB thumb drive is being use if there is a file in the package entitled “usb” in addswap folder within DroboApps on your Drobo.

WARNING: Removing the USB thumb drive or Drobo where the swap file is located while running will cause the DroboShare to freeze and potentially harm your files.


Uninstalling this package is a bit different then other DroboApps since swap is used by the Linux kernel. The easiest way to disable swap is to delete the start script from the package and then reboot the DroboShare. Deleting the entire package folder may cause the DroboShare to freeze. You can also SSH into your DroboShare and run the stop script from the command line (make sure to pass it the correct parameters as described in the SDK).

To install, copy addswap.tgz to the DroboApps directory and then restart your DroboShare.