Add Remove progams. Calendar needed

A few days ago I replaced my 160Gb external USB drive with a drobo. Before that time, the windows “Add/Remove programs” would populate in 2-3 minutes, with each disk on my system seeing a period of high activity.

I’ve just run Add/Remove programs and it took 19 minutes to populate. During this time, the drobo activity light was on continuously, with my other disks seeing sporadic bursts of activity.

Is this normal?

As an aside, do I invalidate my warranty if I drill a small hole in the removable front cover, and insert a fibre optic, so I can see the activity without having to run with the front cover removed?

Not seeing that here… but I’m connected via DroboShare, so it’s a network, not local, device for me.

Do you have program installed on the Drobo?

Yes, some programs are installed on the drobo. Add/Remove programs seems to scan all disks in my system during the period before the list populates.

I ran it again to verify that it scanned my “Z” drive (which is the disk the drobo replaced) and it did. But Add/Remove programs populated in about a minute today, so whatever the problem was before, it seems to have gone away.