Add Drive While In Data Protection?


I just upgraded from a Gen 2 to a 5C, while I was at work. In transporting the drive back home, one of the drives came slightly unseated. When I turned it on, it went into data protection mode, which continued after seating the drives when I noticed like 30sec later.

I had just received delivery of a new 6TB drive to add to the 5th slot, and had intended to do so before this happened. Is it safe to add the drive now so that I can get all this data protection stuff done in one swell foop, or do I really have to wait for this to finish and then do it all over again when I add the new drive?


I think it would be best to wait until the lights are all green before inserting another drive.

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Took your advice and waited. Now it is done and BM Disk Speed Test Test shows abysmal R/W speeds.9-18 W and 9-25 R. WTF.

EDIT: A different USB C to USB A cable doubled the speed (was using a 10ft one from Amazon). Adding another 6TB HD brought speeds WAY up, but inconsistent- 60-330. Hopefully things will stabilize soon at the higher end.