"Add additional drive" on new Drobo

Hey everyone,

I just bought my first Drobo! It’s a regular 2nd gen drobo and it’s awesome.

I’ve put 2 brand new 1.5tb drives in it and the dashboard-app shows me I’ve got 1.3tb free space. Cool. The problem is that the 3rd light is red and the dashboard-app tells me:

“Drobo cannot protect your data against hard drive failures until you increase total capacity. Insert a new hard drive into the empty data bay indicated by the red light.”

At the same time the Storage Capacity table shows:
Used: 11.95 GB (1%)
Free: 1.32 TB (99%)
Total: 1.33 TB

How much more does this thing need?! Could it be that it’s still doing something to make things work? I must say that the updater unexpectedly quited while updating. Should I reinstall software/firmware before filling it up with my stuff?

By the way, here’s some more info:
System: MacBook Pro 2.3 / Mac OSX 10.6.2
Drobo: Firmware 1.3.5 / Dashboard 1.6.7

Hey there, you formatted the volume using Drobo Dashboard, correct?

Are you sure you’re really only using slightly less than 12 GB? If that’s the case, with your 2 drives Drobo should be running the equivalent of RAID-1 (mirroring), so your data should be protected.

Yes. When I first booted up the Drobo, I had a clean (new) disk in it and using Drobo Dashboard I’ve formatted it to HFS+. There’s almost no data on it yet, if that’s what you mean with ‘using’. But there will be offcourse! :slight_smile:
When I’m sure I can remove all my data from my old disk, I’ll add that one as well. That’ll mean that I’ll have 3 disks (1.5/1.5/1TB) and in the near future I’ll add another 1TB. Should I care about the RAID-1? I thought the whole idea about a Drobo was that I shouldn’t?[hr]
Nevermind! I restarted my MBP and I got all greens now :slight_smile: weird stuff tough…

Good to hear it worked itself out.

…okay, I have to agree with Docchris that the required delay between posting is about 10-15 seconds too long.
Perhaps I need to change my reading style. Typically I view the list of new posts since last login, open all in new tabs, then read, possibly reply, and close the tab. I type and read fast (sometimes too fast), so it’s not unusual for me to do two replies within a minute or two of each other.

thats EXACTLY what i do - open the threads in tabs then go through them replying, and reading and typing too fast.

especially when sometimes all you need to say is “yes” (and then it wont let you post that as its too “short”