Add a new volume to Gen 2 Drobo?

My Gen 2 Drobo had 3x6T and 1x4T drives.

I got the Yellow Alert and upgraded the 4T drive to a 6T. Drobo gave me a Red Alert and pop-up window saying I added a drive to increase volume and had enough for a new volume. Would I like to add it Now or Remind Me.

Since I didn’t know what to do, I clicked Remind Me. The window dismissed and Drobo displayed the alternating yellow (orange) and green lights. After a few minutes the status said started showing time until date protection was complete (170hours, LOL!)

A half-hour later, I still have the Red Alert. Normally this would have changed back to Yellow by no. So:

  1. Should I be worried that Drobo didn’t stand down the threat level from Red to Yellow yet?

  2. Should I tell Drobo to make a second volume the next time it reminds me?

  3. If I do, what happens to my 16T of data on the Drobo? Does half go to each volume or do I have to move it myself?

  4. Do I have two Drobo icons on my desktop where there was one?

it’s not unusual for the Dashboard to lag behind reality.

If you want to make use of the extra capacity you’ll need to allocate it to a new volume once you’ve reached the maximum capacity of the first.

You’ll end up with one volume at the maximum capacity and one smaller one with the remainder.

Two volumes means two icons.

Thanks for the reply.

The second volume is mounted and in a couple weeks or less, data protection should be complete.

Thanks for your help!