Adaptec eSATA/SATA Host RAID

Anyone having any success to enable Adpatec 1205/1255 singie & mult-port eSATA HBA to work w/ DroboS. We spent over 2 day still no go and we are replacing the AHA1255 w/ a Promise.The OS is Windows Server 2008R2 w/ the latest Adpatec WHQL driver. W2K8 detects the HBA but no DroboS. USB is working fine but once switched to eSATA, the Adaptec detects no drive, both physical & logical. Also, the BIOS of the 1255 doesn’t detect any drives prior to entering Windows. We also tried both eSATA cables (Adaptec & DRI) still no go. Appreciate any hints b/f logging support call.

We have IOGear, Vibe and even the integrated SATA-II of our Dell PE server still no go! The IOGear using the Silicon chipset was able to identify the unit but DroboDashboard didn’t! For those of you that able to connect to the DroboS via eSATA, pls kindly let me know which HBA you use. TIA

Page 10 of the documentation that came with your Drobo S is your friend.

There you will find a clue that will lead you to this page:

For me, the SIIG cards seem to work.

Tks for the reply!
Looks like the only card that works w/ the “S” and doesn’t cost an arm & a leg is the Silicon Image chipset based memory map but not HBA.
That’s too bad. No wonder the "S’ is not selling like hot cakes or the “Pro” and “Elite”!

The Rosewill RC-219 is $20 at Newegg. Is there a specific requirement or limitation you have?

I don’t but only IOGear is available here and the other 2 vendors have to mail order from overseas!

Ahh, I see.

Check the specs on the Rosewill. It really comes down to the card’s controller chip and BIOS.

The Rosewill cards are pretty much Silicon Image reference designs, so if you can get a card with the same controller, then you should be fine.

Silicon Image has both their BASE (non-RAID) and RAID BIOSes available for download. All you need to know is what flash memory chip the board has (or figure out which of the option is compatible - I have a card with a flash chip the Windows flasher doesn’t recognize, but the DOS flasher works if I force it).

I have a good amount of IOGear stuff. None of it is ‘special’ per-se. There’s just comfort in predictability of a retail product.

R U running Win7 64-bit w/ ur DroboS? One of my customers is experiening eSATA compatibilty problem w/ his Asus p5k deluxe w/ the JMicro eSATA chip and altho I gave him the same IOGear dual-port eSATA that we tested on W2K8R2 Dell PE server w/ the DroboS and he still couldn’t get them to connect except USB. It’s right to assum if my 2008R2 works w/ the DroboS, then Win7 should too.

Yeah, that’s very very strange. If it works in 2k8R2 then it should work in 7. Does it mount if they boot the system with S connected? I had weird PnP (or lack thereof) issues with SATA in Vista, haven’t had a chance to check again now that I moved to 7.

He managed to get his JMicro controller to detect the Drobo3 DRDR in BIOS & even mount the volume at some points but after reboot his Win7 64-bit, he got a vol corrupted message. He is or was in the process of upgrade his Asus m/b but the guy has lost confidence in DroboS. Btw, my 2nd attempt already and most likely I need to upgrade him to a Pro in order to keep him happy cuz he is a senior IT executive from a very well known company in the B&F! Guess I’m stuck w/ this S and might as well use it for Demo. :wink:

Very weird - could it have been a bad/flakey eSATA cable perhaps? That’s all I can really think of beyond something sinister in the OS.

Nope cuz we have tried using the pair of hi-quality eSATA cables (red) that came w/ the Adaptec HostRAID - still no go!
It’s the design of the DroboS and lack of hardware compatbility testing.I’m surprised Adaptec is not even on the compatible lst!

Bummer. Lack of Port Multiplier support is the only other thing I can think of.