Actual SDK/API - controlling the DroboFS

Is there documentation on anything like an API for the Drobo?

I am a Linux user, and just bought a DroboFS. Having to run a Dashboard in Windows/Mac is not cutting it for me. I’ve had to do a manual shutdown a number of times (unmount remote and turn the power off on the back). Having an actual API or documentation for the DroboFS would be great. I could create a simple web application to shut it down, report capacity, etc.

I’m a Linux programmer and have experience building for the ARM. What I’m not sure about is what is safe/unsafe to do on the Drobo.

Some questions I have:

  1. Can I just manually modify the smb.conf file to create new shares? Or is there special drobo magic going on?
  2. Can I shut it down from the shell (through a ssh connection) if all my computers have unmounted their drives? Does the drobo require a special script to run to shut it down?
  3. Can I determine capacity from a shell? (I just saw a thread about connecting to port 5000 for this…this helps, but is this format documented anywhere?)

In short, the current SDK is all about porting applications to the Drobo. I want to control/query the Drobo itself.

Any ideas/help? Did I miss something somewhere on the site?


1/2) You may not like the answers, but check out my notes: http://drobo.jhah.net/guides/drobofs_shell_faq

  1. look at the protocol spec (it’s under the windows forum) http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=37 the spec pre-dates the FS, but helps identify general management capabilities. It doesn’t explain the broadcast XML you get on port 5000 directly, but might help get you started.

Thanks! Your notes are good. On my drobo, there is a /sbin/reboot not /sbin/restart.

I wish there was a sticky or something for this kind of information…

You are correct, I updated my FAQ. thanks!