Actual Free Space

I’m using a Drobo FS with dropbear installed/enabled. I know why the Drobo reports a 16TB filesystem (thin provisioning, etc), but is there a command we can use to get the actual available size? Or is this entirely hidden on the NAS side of the house and only accessible via the dashboard and the blue lights up on the case?

Take a look at the drobo apps page on the drobo site. I think there is an app that fixes it so it shows the correct size instead of the 16tb size. I’m not sure if it will show a different size for each share that you’ve created. I think it might just show a total of used vs not used. (kind of like what is shown in the drobo dashboard).

I saw the Windows Capacity Filter for directly attached Drobos, but I don’t see anything for Drobo FS.

I have found that /var/log/nasd.log contains an XML config dump from ESAListener that includes the total protected capacity (mTotalCapacityProtected) and the used & free capacities when the system booted up.

It’s not perfect, but I can script up something that’ll pull total capacity from that log file and craft a replacement “df” output…

I still think that there should be a way to get this information naturally from the NAS…