Actual capacity remaining

I have a Drobo that contained 2TB of disks when I started, and so I created a 2TB volume. I then moved to Windows 7 32bit and added more disks and now I’m confused as to how much space I actually have.

Half the blue lights on the front are lit up. Windows reports an M drive of 2TB and an N drive of 2TB, but when I use the Drobo dashboard reports 1.75TB of space with 938 GB free.

How much space have I actually got, and can I hook up both volumes to create one large volume ? I guess I’m not technical enough to understand the difference between a volume and actual space left.

dashboard is always correct.

the volume is just how big it tells windows that it is - its in no way related to your actual free space

the reason it is done like this is that you could create one huge volume (16TB) but only have one or two 1TB drive in drobo - when you upgrade the drives, you wouldnt need to make any new volumes or reformat

Thanks - so I have 938 GB free ? Only dashboard only reports the M drive at present not the N drive as well.

think of it as your volume is your garage…

the disks you put in drobo are your cars.

the actual data you can store is what goes in the trucks of your cars

if you make your garage (volume) huge to begin with - even if you only have a couple of small cars (so you cant put very much in their boots) then in the future when you get more or bigger cars they will still fit in your garage.

since your first volume (garage ) was small… now that you have bought additional drives (cars) you have had to build a second garage (volume) next to the first garage (volume)

you are still limited by what you can put in the trunks of the cars, it is in no way related to your volumes.[hr]
yes, if dashboard has 938GB free - then you can put another 900gb of data onto drobo. you could add that on to EITHER of your volumes tho.

you could have made two 16TB volumes - and if you put your 2tb of disks into drobo then you could have used 1tb on one 16tb volume and 1 tb on the other 16 volume, or you could have put 1.5tb onto one 16tb volume, and 500Gb onto the other 16TB volume.

the way your drobo is setup - as soon as your actual real physical disk space is greater than the capacity of all your volumes, then t will create an additional volume for you so that you can then access this space.

i…e. if you had two x 2 tb volumes - then you could only put 4tb of data on them. if you added enough disks so that you have 5tb of usable space, then drobo would create a third 2tb volume - so that you had 6 (3x2tb) volumes and you could put 5tb (your real disk space) onto those three volumes however you like.

its called thin provisioning - you make a volume that is bigger than the disk - that way when your disk grows (you put in bigger drives) then you dont need to change the volume since it is already larger enough to take advantage of the additional capacity you have just added

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.[hr]
One other thing I know you say I had options in terms of when I added the extra disks, but I wasn’t offered any option other than creating an additional volume of the same size. Mine’s a v.2 Drobo. It didn’t for example offer to let me expand the 2TB volume to 4TB.

no problem, i hope i made things clear and dint just confuse you further!

basically - everytime you add new capacity to your drobo it will create additional 2tb volumes for you to let you access that capacity

unfortunately the only way to change this is to wipe drobo and start again with a larger volume

if you had 4tb volumes then you would have one volume now… and as soon as you put 5tb of disks in then it would create a second 4tb volume (so that you were able to put 5tb on your volume… however you liked, 4tb on one, 1tb on another, 2 on one, 3tb on the other etc etc) when you got up to 9tb in your drobo it would create a third 4tb volumes (because with only two 4tb volumes you woudlnt be able to access your full 9tb of real space)