Activity light meaning?

Hello there…

Quite new to Drobo S. Well just go it 2 days ago… :slight_smile:

I notice that the activity light is blinking every 2 seconds or so, even if there is no activity between Drobo and my computer. Is this normal?

Do you use Time Machine?

Do you have indexing on Spotlight turned on?

I notice the same thing on my Drobo S.

It is hooked to a MacMini via Firewire 800 and the disks have spun down due to inactivity (lights dim to indicate this).
The green activity light still flashes every couple of seconds.

I figured it was something to do with firewire - probing to make sure the device is still there.

Yes, it is normal for the Drobo S.

(Sorry don’t have one on my desk to look at constantly but have confirmed with our Engineers.)

Drobo is a really nice product but when you are putting all your data in it - I’ll make however additional backups of critical data, but I need first to put and classify everything on the Drobo - you are quite afraid of what might happen…