Activity light comes on when Drobo5N not being accessed by anyone in the house

I have a Drobo5N with current software(2.6.7 [73748]). A few times a day I see the Drobo with the activity light going and no one is accessing the Drobo at the time, no backups and no one is accessing music or pictures or any data on the Drobo. Why does the activity light come on? Any ideas??

Jim Holloway

Are any of the 5N’s shares mounted anywhere? Mounted shares may be accessed from time to time by the operating system, they get indexed, scanned for viruses, etc. Is it a problem? Unmount them if it is.

Yes there are at least 7 shares mounted. I do not know there is a problem, it is just strange to see the drobo activity light going when I know no one is directly accessing it.

Why is it strange that there’s activity when, as I said, the operating system accesses mounted shares? There’s plenty of mischief a computer can get up to by itself with the need for human intervention :slight_smile: Did the activity stop when you tried unmounting them?