accessing folders are now slow

when i access a folder, its slow to open, it wasn’t like this when i first had the product. i’m using windows pcs 7 and 8.1 happens on all.

hi, am just wondering if there have been any new installs on the computers you are using, such as virus scanners?
also do you know how many file and folders are in the folder which is slow,
and is it only slow the 1st time you open the folder?

do you have any more information about how much free space and used space your drobo has?
(i know that even the directly-attached Drobo’s can go slow when they get really full, but i think it affects more writing than reading, but lots of folders and nested folders can go slow)

no new installs like that, no. the one folder has (373 Files, 80 Folders)
another has (437 Files, 107 Folders)

its only slow sometimes the first time, but if i go back 15mins later or longer it happens again.

FREE SPACE - 55% 2.95tb
USED SPACE - 45% 2.41tb

hmm ok, can you post some more info about dashboard and firmware versions?

mabe you have a dashboard which has a drive spindown setting enabled?
(they removed it in later versions, so that drives never spin down, and i know that on my drobo models, if they spin down then they do take a few seconds per drive to spin back up, and i have to wait, so maybe that’s the cause for you?)

i have this spindown setting and its checked, (i unchecked it/") what do mean it was removed i have the latest software version (just checked)

ah i think they removed the ability to change the settings there. am pretty sure that’s what they did recently.
(what are yours currently set to?)