Access to the DDC boards?

I apologize if this is documented somewhere but I don’t seem to be able to find it.

Can someone tell me how I would go about gaining access to the Drobo Development Community section of the board?

When I attempt to post to any of them, I’m informed that I do not have appropriate permissions.



Try now. Let me know if it works.

Perfect! Thank You!

I wanted to start some discussions regarding application development and those sections seemed more appropriate.

I’m chomping at the bit to get home and start working on my new DroboFS ;-D



Well, I tried to submit my first application via the DDC and either it’s not posting or I have permissions to post there but not read.

I just packaged up an SNMP daemon for the DroboFS.

In theory I could post the announcement to the DroboShare forum but, since I own a DroboFS and not a DroboShare I’m hesitant to post it in somewhere where people might assume it’s compatible (and, not ever seeing a DroboShare I don’t know if they are).

I can however tell you I’m getting perty SNMP data from my drobo :slight_smile:

If posting there isn’t isn’t the proper way to submit applications for inclusion at:
http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/apps-for-drobofs.php, please let me know what the alternate methods are so I can start submitting the next set more correctly.