Access to DroboCare 24/7 support

Has anyone had experience with DroboCare? I had a problem with my Drobo after hours and when I called support I was re-directed as a DroboCare customer to a phone number in Singapore that is not a good number. Checked to make sure I had gotten the number right several times and called it several times with the same result.

I contacted Drobo tech support and Drobo corporate several times yesterday about what number to call after hours for DroboCare and still today no one has been able to provide a number for me. Everyone says they are researching it.

Does anyone have any knowledge of why this is happening?


They have english speakers 24/7, but you may have to call international from the US to reach them at say 2 am.

Can you confirm that the number you dialed was the one listed on the KB article here?

I will have the after hours messaging reviewed to ensure that it is providing you with the correct support number. I am sorry you had experienced issues accessing support in the after hours. Please let support know if you have any further questions, again we apologize for the inconvenience.

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