Access Drobo FS Shares Remotely

Anyway to access the Drobo FS shares without being on the same network as the DroboFS? I would like to be able to connect to the drobo remotely and pull data off of it.

Pick your poison:

  1. VPN to your network
  2. Create and SSH tunnel and proxy connections on your client machine
  3. Install an FTP or HTTP server and port forward to it

Warning: All of these have caveats and gotchas, and none is really easier for someone with no network administration experience.

What pc operationg system are you using?
If mac - I can help to quickly set up an SSH tunnel - works fine for me… even for HD movie watching at work… :wink:

Yea I’m using a Mac. Could you please help me or provide me a link

I used this one as a guide: https://discussions.apple.com/message/13267348?messageID=13267348

I believe Slink is an automatic version of all of that (SSH forwarding, etc), and if I recall correctly, even Bonjour-style autodetection of mounts works. If you’re on a Mac and want a simple way to go, I don’t think you can beat it.

I think diamondsw is right: either you invest your time and effort to set the remote access yourself (keeping in mind that doing it is really hard if you have no previous network admin experience) or you pay for the convenience of having someone handle the complexity for you.

Owing to its heritage, TCP/IP is very UNIX-like in many ways. It gets things done by having lots of simple pieces build on one another. That makes it extremely powerful, flexible, and durable, but it also means you have to know quite a bit before you can get even the simplest tasks done. It depends if you enjoy having a high degree of control and troubleshooting the issues that come with it, or if you just want the thing to work and get on with life. I’m one of the former, the vast majority are the latter.

Give Slink a try - I believe it’s got a free trial period. Sadly, one app that will not work across it is Drobo Dashboard, owing to how incredibly poorly written it is. (Why is it that every other app in the world can autodetect network devices using Bonjour in a few lines of code, but DRI has to use background services, custom methods that break at the drop of a hat, and can’t be tunneled in any fashion across a VPN, SSH connection, etc?)