About volumes management

I have a general question for which I can’t find a clear answer in your FAQs.

In my Drobo I have 5 disks of 8 TB each = Raw capacity 36.38 TB
With dual redundancy, it gives 21.78 available for data.
Right ?

The Drobo created 2 volumes of 16 TB each = 32 TB
Volume 1 is occupied with 14.60 TB
Volume 2 is occupied with 5.68 TB

My question is:
If I move some TB from Volume 1 to Volume 2, will this free some total space?
What is the use of creating Volumes?

The volume sizes need to be set when formatting. As far as I know you cannot just add to a volume from another volume, you have to delete and create all new volumes with predetermined sizes. The easy thing to do is just add a larger drive Depending on your end goal if you reformat you may want to create one large volume?

If I understand well, it doesn’t matter how many space is left in either volume, only the total counts?
So, I will just copy older files to another standalone drive to make space on my Drobo.


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