About to ditch Droboshare and connect directly to computer

Hi, I should be able to connect a Drobo that’s formated in HFS via USB to a mac mini right?

Last time I unhooked my Drobo from Droboshare and hooked it up to my macbook pro some files or folders were disappeared. Luckily by hooking it back up those file came back. I have no idea what was wrong and didn’t have time to research on it.

Now that i got more stuff now (1.9tb+) and am about to hook Drobo directly to a mac mini I really don’t want to anything. Can someone confirm for me that this should be okay before i make the move?



Yes, it’s ok. If files are disappearing, then I would recommend a repair disk from disk utility as soon as you direct connect your drobo to your mac mini.

I use mediatomb on the DroboShare and it works a treat.

pm me your email and I’ll send it over.